Winter Wonderland Recreation

Good morning y’all! I hope all of you are doing well. There is nothing like a great holiday makeup tutorial to put you in the spirit of the season…well at least for us beauty lovers! I want to share an awesome and wearable look with you guys. If you enjoy watching YouTube tutorials as much as I do you’ll want to check this one out from Kait Nicole aka FridayNightHighlight. 

My own interpretation of Kait’s fabulous Winter Wonderland look is below. I did not use the same exact products she uses in the video. I had to improvise with items in my own collection. I like the way it came out. What do you guys think? 
On my Face: DDF moisturizer Light Oil-Free, Revlon Photoready primer, L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Nut Brown, Maybelline Dark Circle Corrective concealer in Medium/Deep, Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Cafe, MAC’s Blunt for contour, NYX blush in Peach, Hard Candy bronzer in Tiki for highlight
On my Lids: NYX eyeshadow base in White, Naked 2 by Urban Decay as a transition color, two blue shades and a gold shade from my Beauty Gems palette (you can find this at Ulta), Faint by Urban Decay in the Crease, Venus by Urban Decay on the brow bone, NYX Studio liner in black, Faint dragged along the lower lash line, Rimmel eye kohl in Nude on my waterline, L’Oreal Telescopic mascara in Carbon Black, Victoria’s Secret metallic liner in Mania as a substitute for the Lorac Lustre drops Kait uses. 
On my lips: Milani’s Rose Amour applied using a dabbing motion, NYX Summer Love, and NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée overtop. 
And of course Victoria’s Secret setting spray to finish everything off! 

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FOTD: Basic Blue

Long time no blog! I’ve focused so much my energy into my YouTube channel that I’ve been very neglectful here…that has to stop! Figured is come back with an lost but a goody…Face of the Day. 

Products Used: 
Elf Mineral Face Primer
Revlon Colorstay foundation in Caramel
Makeup Forever Camo Concealer palette
Mary Kay concealer in Bronze 1
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent
Elf eyeshadow primer
Urban Decay shadow in Suspect (Lid)
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Electric Blue (Crease, Liner, Lower lash line)
Urban Decay shadow in Foxy (browbone)
L’Oreal Telescopic mascara in Carbon Black
Elf blush in Pink Passion
Elf contour from the contour and cheek palette
Revlon Lipstick in 120 Apricot Fantasy
NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

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Sunday Funday Face Mask

Long time no blog! Wanted to come back with something entertaining but geared toward skin care versus makeup! So I’m currently wearing an Avocado and Oatmeal mask by Freeman’s. It is pore purifying while tightening the skin leaving you with a bright and healthy complexion! I personally love this stuff!!! I use it once a week on Sundays. I like to give my pores a really good purge at the end of the week since all week long I place things on my epidermis that can potentially damage or irritate it. Do any of you do face masks? Which ones do you use? Leave them in the comments below! 🙂
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OOTN – May 08. 2013

Hey y’all! If you follow me on Keek then you knew this post was coming. If not then follow me! My Keek name is girlfridayxo just like all of my other social media. Don’t know about Keek yet?!? Keek is a video sharing app that allows you to upload 30 clips of footage that you’d like to share. If you don’t have one I highly recommend it! It’s fun and very user friendly. 
Well on to my outfit…I went to dinner with my BFF tonight and we were supposed to have sushi but ended up at Mi Cocina. Not complaining, I love that place! I kept it casual with a high lo top that I purchased from Pacsun and basic black leggings from JC Penney. My black sequin, gladiator sandals are from a small independently owned store here in Dallas but I’ve seen similar ones at Aldo and Forever 21. My silver hoops are from Compass Trading Company, and my black and silver pyramid bracelets are from Forever 21. Lastly, my dolled up face consisted of Revlon color stay whipped foundation, Maybelline color tattoo in Barely Branded, shadows from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics and Naked 2 palettes, NYX blush, Milani color statement lip liner and lipstick. Hope you dolls enjoyed this quick post and there are definitely more to come. xo

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Red Lips for Spring…huh?

Hey y’all! I am fully aware that it’s April and most of us have sheltered away our red lippies in favor of Spring. However, it is 50 degrees and raining here in Dallas today. Such miserable weather! So my red lips have made a comeback (hopefully a short one) in light of this hiatus from Spring we decided to take here in Texas. What do you guys think? Is it a do or a don’t? Do you always play by the “rules” when it comes to your makeup?

On my lips: Milani Color Statement Line in True Red, L’Oreal Infallible lipgloss in Rebel Red

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Bold, Bright Spring Lips!

Decided to get out of my comfort zone in CVS yesterday and buy a product I often neglect…good ol’ lipstick. I have never considered myself much of a lipstick girl but I have lusted after MAC’s Candy Yum Yum for many months now. However I wasn’t ready to commit to the $18 price tag just yet…baby steps! So I opted for a dupe instead and am quite satisfied indeed. What do y’all think? The shade is Rose Hip by Milani. 💄💋

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The Makeup Experience

Hey y’all! Long time no blog. I know this is everyone’s excuse but I have been so crazy busy! Between work, the class I picked up, and life I just haven’t had time to post anything for you dolls. However, today I have something I think is both interesting and exciting to share with you. One of the things I had the opportunity to do during my action packed weekend was voluteer my time as a model at a makeup academy here in Dallas. It was an awesome experience and I would definitely do it again! The class I modeled for was called The Makeup Experience. It is a two day class for beginning Makeup Artists offered at Elan Makeup Studio . The class covers basic makeup application, corrective techniques, product knowledge, ect. If you live in or are visiting the Dallas area and are interested in the course please check out their website at If you are interested in modeling you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well; I also received a $100 gift certificate for products of my choice from the studio! I have posted a couple of photos below from my two days at Elan. My makeup came out beautiful and the intstructor and students were very friendly and personable! It was such a joy to be around like-minded people who love makeup and the beauty industry as much as I do.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I swear I am going to better about updating! Please comment below, and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for tutorials, reviews, and more!
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Liebster Nomination

Hey y’all! So I am super excited that I was nominated for a Liebster Award! If you don’t know about the award, it’s basically a chance for “new” bloggers to gain a bit of exposure and network with other bloggers. I was nominated by Ashley @ All That Glitters. If you haven’t read her blog then get there now…she is amazing! Anyway I have listed the rules below and nominated 10 of my fellow bloggers. It is supposed to be 11 but it was hard for me to find others with under 200 followers! Some of you ladies are really loved and that is fantastic! If you think of an 11th nominee for me or if you yourself would like my 11th slot…please comment below! Hope everyone is having a great day!

If you are nominated and choose to accept, here are the steps you must follow:
– Tell 11 things about yourself
– Answer 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
– Come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you wish to nominate
– Nominate 11 bloggers (Remember: Under 200 followers!)
– Notify them that they have been nominated!

11 Random things about Me:
1. I HATE ketchup! Love tomatoes…despise ketchup. 
2. My natural hair color is jet black. 
3. My favorite color is pink, but when I was little I used to say it was green because pink “wasn’t cool”. 
4. I have always been a girly girl, but I love action movies, suspense thrillers, and super heroes.
5. When I was little I wasn’t allowed to watch the Ninja Turtles.
6. I once through a fit in a department store over patent leather, pink, dress shoes…I was 5.
7. I have no tattoos, and 3 piercings including my ears.
8. I have never broken a bone.
9. I bit my nails all the way up to senior year in high school.
10. I am a Trekkie (cannot stand Star Wars)…Jean Luc Picard = Love
11. I love 80s movies, and I used to have a crush on Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) when I was little.
Ashley’s Questions for Me!:
1. Who do you most admire?
My mother, she is the toughest cookie I know! And my grandma…someone I could only wish to be like.
2. What did you want to be when you grew up? Is this still the same?
A teacher, and in a lot of ways yes. I hope that I can still “teach” people something everyday even if I am not in a classroom. 
3. What was your motivation to start blogging?
I love writing! I’ve blogged for years but just started to take things to the next level. I feel like I have a message to convey and hope it is getting across on my blog. 
4. What is your 2013 New Year’s resolution?
To write a book, and hopefully be published.
5. Flats or heels?
Heels all the way!
6. What is one thing you have to have on you at all times?
My phone…I feel naked without it.
7. By the age of 50, what do you hope to have accomplished?
I hope to have touched the lives of many! (In a good way of course)
8. What is one of your biggest flaws?
I can be negative at times…really working on that. 
9. Now what do you like most about yourself?
I am resilient…not much keeps me down long term. 
10. Writing or photography?
Writing of course!
11. Whose life would you want to live for a day?
Mariah Carey’s…would love to step into the shoes of a diva for a day!
My 11 Nominees:
1. Gillian @ Glam Up Everyday
2. Michelle @ Beauty Thugs
3. Lauren @ Keys to Anywhere
4. Carie @ Oh Snap It’s Carie
5. Courtney @ Yeah Another Makeup Blog
6. The Pink Mate Project
7. Amber @ Girl With Drive
8. Rosalyn @ My Fancy Pants
9. Casey @ The Heart of Dixon
10. Simmy @ Closet Fix
11. ???
My questions for my nominees:
1. What was your favorite memory of 2012?
2. What is your guilty pleasure?
3. What is your greatest strength?
4. Do you get along with your mom? If not, why?
5. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
6. Beauty product you can’t live without?
7. What celebrity do wish they would just STOP talking about all the time? 
8. Where do you draw inspiration for you blog?
9. What bloggers’ blog do you check everyday no matter what?
10. Favorite YouTuber?

11. Favorite social pastime?

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NYE Rose Gold Beauty

Hola dolls! Checkout my latest video! I know I said I wouldn’t be doing many tutorials but I couldn’t resist! Hope you all have a happy New Year! Thank you so much for your support in 2012. I am looking forward to bringing y’all some new and exciting content in 2013! 💋

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